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Pellegrini's 2015 production of


Don't Blame it on the Stork

was a smash hit!

Don't Blame it on the Stork - Poster cro

“The best comedy arises from drama and Don’t Blame It on the Stork has plenty of both.”

“What serves this play well is the comedy coming from honest and real situations.”

“Calabretta as ‘Lou’ is outright hilarious…”

“…the entire cast does an excellent job…”

“…a show that pulls in a cartload of belly-laughs from the audience.”

   - Sharman Yarnell, Montreal Times

“Calabretta shows us how humor is our best friend while managing life challenges…”

“Reserve your tickets soon and treat yourself to an enjoyable theatre experience!”

   - Harold Rauchwerger, Orcasound

“Calabretta’s character, Lou, is by far the most exciting to watch. His comedic timing is flawless.”

“The writing is sharp and the audience was in stitches for most of the night.”

“Calabretta’s cast choice is a stellar one…”

   - Jessica Dionne, Curtains Up

“...a real crowd pleasing stage drama…”

“Calabretta has penned some of the biggest laughs for his own role as Lou…”

   - Byron Toben, Westmount Magazine

“…the actors deliver solid performances across the board.”

“This play about “love, lies and family ties” has funny and heartfelt moments…”

   - Badhir Rifai, The Concordian


Our 2016 re-mount of Calabretta's


Damn Those Wedding Bells!

proved to be as successful as ever!

Wedding Bells Poster 2016 title only v2.

“...outrageously funny yet, also, very, very touching.  A play just isn't a play without conflict and there's a lot of conflict on stage in this prenuptial romp."

“...this results in one outrageously funny scene with Ariane Castelanos as Rosa.”

“However funny this play may be, there is a very touching side to it as well…”

“Calabretta plays the role with many different colours, demanding of different feelings from the audience.  He is simply wonderful to watch."

“The acting in the show is good all round.”

   - Sharman Yarnell, Montreal Times

“Damn Those Wedding Bells! a roller-coaster ride of heart, chaos and hilarity."

“The pathos brings depth to this tender and very funny family story.”

"The performances are wonderful all around."

“Mr. Calabretta shows his natural talent for comedy and how pain can fuel it.”

  - Yolande Ramsey, Curtains Up

“...there are plenty of laughs and humorous situations…”

“The ensemble cast is excellent...”

""Damn Those Wedding Bells!" is wildly entertaining, raucous and quite sensitive...

"...see this play!"

   - Stuart Nulman, Stuart Nulman's Grapevine


“...a laugh out loud Seinfeld episode..."

"Director/Producer Antonio DiVerdis did a bang up job.”

   - Mike Cohen, The Suburban

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