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About our company

Longtime friends and collaborators, Antonio DiVerdis and Tony Calabretta founded Pellegrini Productions in 2015.  With the goal of bringing meaningful, relatable, comedic and dramatic theatre to the anglophone community in Montreal, Pellegrini Productions began a partnership with the Leonardo DaVinci Centre.

Since their foundation, Pellegrini Productions has produced 3 plays at The Centre’s gorgeous, state of the art, 520 seat venue.  Their first two productions, 'Don't Blame it on the Stork' and 'Damn Those Wedding Bells!' were a hit with audiences and critics alike; solidifying Pellegrini's and The Centre's relationship. 'The Glam Mothers' is the third production to be presented at The Leonardo DaVinci Centre.

Photo taken during publicity opportunity for Damn Those Wedding Bells! - July, 2016

Antonio DiVerdis

Tony Calabretta

About our show


The urban dictionary defines a glam mother as a grandmother who is still young and beautiful.  A diva.  

Meet our two Glam Mothers, Luisa and Maria, who have nothing in common other than being related through marriage, their children’s.

Luisa, a cancer survivor, is dealing with health issues that threaten to turn her world upside down despite the unwavering love and support of her husband Francesco and her daughter Vanessa.

Maria, estranged from her son and daughter-in-law in the aftermath of a nasty divorce, chooses to reinvent herself by working on her self-esteem. Disappointed with the on-line dating scene, Maria is finally ready to return to the fold in a bid to win her family back, where she finds herself being courted by Luisa’s older brother, Peppe.

Will these two divas, that never paid much attention to each other until they had a granddaughter in common, end up supporting each other or remain rivals to the bitter end?

Regardless of the outcome, there will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be glamour!

Glam Mothers 26.png
Natasha Gargiulo & Claudia Ferri

The full house loved it!

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